Transforming Hearts & Minds that Last a Life Time!

We create emotional healthiness environment that brings together the power of God, socialization, development, activities and individualized spiritual growth in specially tailored comprehensive programs for teens and young adults, ages 12-30. We focus on emotional healthiness by removing the hurt and pain, we help people to uncover their greatness and live intentionally in their truth. This leads to better learners, making better choices, and developing into great leaders. With mental illness on the rise across the globe, our program on emotional literacy provides the foundation for strengthening mental health. Learning how to manage our emotions are pivotal to changing our lives and our communities.

Dr. Kim R. Grimes, started Living Abundantly Youth Vision in order to provide an environment to teens and young adults where spirituality is natural and authentic, the unadulterated word of God is taught, and timeless and immutable biblical principles are applied. Changing people’s lives is something that only leaders with special charisma can make happen. Dr. Kim R. Grimes is someone who has mastered this art and makes use of it to achieve the impossible. Over the last thirty years of her life, Dr. Kim has fallen madly, madly, (did I say madly) in love with herself. And she knows her true identity. Dr. Kim calls herself a Change Agent, someone who help change the trajectory of people’s lives for the better. But her real title is an Emotional Literacy Life Coach. Living Abundantly Youth Vision is dedicated to building long-term relationships with our youth and young adults through the power of God.