A Training Self-Development Company

Living Abundantly Youth Vision (LAYV) is a nonprofit business that brings together the power of God, socialization, development, activities and individualized spiritual growth in comprehensive programs.

Our number one goal is to be recognized as the leader for the personal development, spiritual growth, uplifting and empowering teens and young adults.

Our motto is “Transforming heart and minds that last a life time!”


We are a training and self-development company that offer specially tailored programs for teens and young adults, ages 12-24.

Through promoting integrity, spiritual development, educational initiatives and community programs, we Inspire, Empower, Encourage, Enlighten and Exalt teens and young adults to LIVE as they walk in their Greatness and stand in their Brilliance.

What We Do

    We offer:

Life Coaching
Financial Literacy
Emotional Literacy
Leadership Training


One-on-One & Group Coaching
Community Programs & Events

Our Passion
We cover the entire spectrum of teens:
—Advance Placement teens
—The “C” average teens
—The Shy teens
—At-Risk teens

The young adults we work with are:
Primarily college students
Those starting out in their careers

Our Primary Programs
Youth Experiencing Success (YES) Leadership Academy
Empowerment Workshops
Avoid A Train Wreck: Manage Your Skrilla (Online Training)

Life Coaching

Our Community Programs

Parent Partnership Program
This program provides comprehensive workshops in a safe, stress free environment to enhance parenting, teaching skills, and family spiritual development. We align ourselves with parents to empower parents to seek out opportunities for creative expression, successes in life, and to give back to the community.

I’m Booked
The I’m BOOKed!™ Initiative is a grass roots reading campaign created to get kids hooked on books.  Our initial goal is to identify 100 youth, ages 10-18, within all middle and high schools to encourage our youth to read more. Once a quarter, LAYV will issue the I’m BOOKed!™ 30-Day Challenge for teens to read a book and receive $100!

Club 52
A Community Mentor program that provides a sufficiently strong set of relationship, sense of purpose and whole-life coaching/mentoring. It offers guidance from the faith community in matters of vocation or calling. We provide a mentor in their faith community who offers helpful coaching from faith questions to their educational and vocational choices.

Being U!
Offers self-select after-school and weekend workshops to middle school and high school students. Every workshop, no matter the art form, provides students with a valuable opportunity for creative exploration, performance, individual and group study, connections to mentorship opportunities, and career-development support. It’s about you being you in art form.