Our Mission

Living Abundantly Youth Vision (LAYV) is a nonprofit, faith-based business that brings together the power of God, socialization, development, activities and individualized spiritual growth in comprehensive programs. Our number one goal is to be recognized as the leader for the personal development, spiritual growth, uplifting and empowering teens and young adults through teaching emotional literacy.

Our emotions are an integral part of our human nature. Through emotions we respond to life in many ways — with anger, happiness, fear, love and loneliness. Emotions influence our thoughts and actions; they inspire our needs; they affect our bodies and impact on our relationships. Intriguingly, Dr. Kim R. Grimes teaches emotional literacy – she helps youth, young adults, and adults to manage their emotions, putting words to hurt feelings and thoughts, and peeling back the layers of perceived image and limiting beliefs. At LAYV, we create emotional healthiness by removing the hurt and pain, we help people to uncover their greatness and live intentionally in their truth. This leads to better learners, making better choices, and developing into great leaders.

With mental illness on the rise across the globe, our program on emotional literacy provides the foundation for strengthening mental health. Learning how to manage our emotions are pivotal to changing our lives, our communities, and our world!

Dr. Kim R. Grimes

An Emotional Literacy Life Coach

I help change the trajectory of youth & young adult lives.

As a result of what I do…
Youth & Young Adults fall madly in love with who they are.
Youth & Young Adults open up & communicate more effectively, putting words to their feelings and thoughts.
Youth & Young Adults make Integrity based decisions.
Integrity is Key!