Staff & Youth Advocate Empowerment Training: Aware


Our unique approach puts participants inside of experiential lessons that are designed to give them the tools and skills they need to create healthier, happier, and more successful lives. They will learn by doing, and by the training’s end, they not only know what the tools and skills are – they own them.

Conduct our “Safe Space” training in which we create a safe and trusted environment that allows participants to get present, to open up and express him or herself while engaging others in empowering communication.

Conduct our “Aware” training in which we demonstrate to staff & youth advocates how to stop and become aware of how they are showing up in the workplace, understand the impact it has on their lives, the lives of their co-workers and teens they work with, learn how to recognize and stop negative self-talk, learn to hear what co-workers and teens are NOT saying out loud and learn how to restart communication after a breakdown.


  • Creating a Safe Space by introducing and describing “Three (3) Agreements” that governs open and effective dialogue.
  • Learn how to create a Safe Space in the workplace so they can open up and explore what they are dealing with on all levels.
  • Assist participants with becoming aware of the negative messages they are saying to themselves and acknowledge the impact.
  • Experience clarity regarding how they feel and how their feelings are impacting their behavior.
  • Begin to remove their mask and express who they really are.
  • Get clear on areas that are not working in the workplace.
  • Learn to appreciate the differences of others.
  • Learn to focus on areas of communication skills to create amazing relationships with their co-workers.
  • Use tools to shift, change and improve any situation.
  • Assist participants with helping their family members to walk boldly in their greatness and stand taller in their brilliance.


  • One (1) – 90 minutes – 2 hour training seminar for a group of 25 to 40 staff & youth advocates.
  • Post evaluations, monthly email and text campaigns to continue engagement, to encourage use of the tools learned and to assess sustainability.
  • Private Online Staff & Youth Advocate Village.

Investment Details:

  • This training is valued at $5,500.
  • Price is $2,500.
  • A nonrefundable deposit of $500 is required to hold the date.

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