Living Abundantly Youth Vision (LAYV) is a training and self-development company that specializes in teaching teens how to fall madly in love with themselves, how to communicate effectively, putting words to their angry thoughts and hurting feelings; and how to make integrity-based decisions. We work to peel back the layers of perceived image and limiting beliefs. We work to remove the hurt and pain by helping teens to put a voice to their feelings. We create emotional healthiness, which leads to better learners, making better choices, and developing into great leaders.  We accomplish this through our powerful, life changing workshops.

Host an LAYV Showcase

A LAYV showcase is like a snapshot of what we do with teens. It gives attendees an opportunity to hear a little bit about our company; it introduces our tools we use; and to experience some of the exercises we do with teens.

To host a LAYV Showcase there is no cost except for light refreshments which is optional. If you choose to serve refreshments keep it light and we ask that you spend no more than $20.00.